Two Faced, Are we by nature, or are we just mean….


Two Faced, Are we by nature,or are we just mean

I taking a shower this morning thinking it been a little while since I posted. Then it popped into my head. The letter I just received from an organization that wanted a donation. the organization is usually a well financed group and has no problems turning away clients when they feel they are not going to get paid. So why would I want to give money to them, when right now there are more needy people than ever ,some this organization helped become needy. I not going to name the organization because their are allot of dedicated people with them that have nothing to do with the policies with whom they work for.

Now I got to start thinking about myself, I must be two faced too! I would talk to these people and praise them for their work,yet when it comes to money I become somewhat sour. shame on me . I don’t think I want to be that way ,but it happens
I think we all are two faced from time to time. sometimes we do not have the guts to say the truth, it might  hurt someone feelings. Sometimes we need to feel dominate, of what I am not sure.
Have you ever shook the hand of a politician, smiled and praised them ,then when they are out of site call them an asshole or something. Or ever praise the police of their good works then called them a prick cause they stopped you.  How many times have you told someone they looked good , when you where holding back laughing or gaging. God forgive for that one
Well I am probably guilty , but I going to try not to be,and if You catch me in the act, I make it your charge to give me hell                gene



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