Lettuce ,put this to bed ,revisited


lettuce,put this to bed

Lettuce,put this to bed.

Well I going to be honest , I hope I do not have to relive this day,not that it was tragic. I had my share of them. NO it just one of them don’t put your hand down on the table OUCH kind of days.
First the next lent season, I going to have to Comcast disconnect me Internet. Although I have tried and somewhat successfully stayed off the sites I promised by not logging , I have found reasons to peek, or shall I found ways to peek without even logging into the site.  bad gene  candy doesn’t work with me cause I can not eat it anyway,unless I like pricking myself allot.
Next the need to boohoo overrides my good judgement, this is a dilemma I find myself in lately , and I do not like it. I feel ashamed , again bad gene
Next time we pick dogs, they better be on the small size of things, these pups are getting very heavy caring them up the stairs
Next time I watch the president speech I putting on the close caption, I am not sure I heard anything. nothing new any ways. I not sure anything can be said, to cure greed it takes an act of God
Next Salad I make I going to put an extra egg in it . You know organic gaseous warfare.
My granddaughter turn on the bathroom light and poof went the lights, you know how freaked that made me
Now twice I tried to say the Rosary and twice I fell asleep before I got to the third Mystery. What’s up with that.
My laptop, an old thing at that , has become very efficient in Locking up, a real art form.
I become vulgar in my speech. I had curbed my cursing ,which at one time was bad enough to make an ass blush, well the last couple of days it is back.
and I wish it was not,really
the barometer has dropped to 30 db and it is making me hurt, hurt and hurt, and I deserve a little pain , bad gene
In my journal I can not find where the last smiley face is, not to be explained.
If there is a lawyer at Saint Peters Gate when I go, “I’m screwed”
Never go fishing with three guys in a Jon boat and sit in the middle, you get pissed on by Nemo, trust me
I wish I paid more attention in typing class some 40 years ago, LoL
that when the word Processor refer to Agricultural method of preparing the crops for market , and spell check was Sister Mary Doreen and her 10 inch stick, Which by the way brings me to who come up with the saying ” a bed of lettuce”
ps what is a honeymoon sandwich:  lettuce alone
wow so much has changed since I first posted this, so much is still the same !!!



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