Damn Cancer, Prayer for Wendy

A friend of our family is suffering tonight. She is watching her daughter suffer with cancer . This is not the first time this young lady has had to fight this dreaded disease. No It took her possibility of becoming a mother, earlier. Now it back to try to take more. I know Her parents are just falling apart at the seams. It is a heavy cross to bear ,  to watch your Child, Your Hope slip into the void of suffering. The pain,the fear ,the possibilities that a future will be cut short here. The fact that life experiences, joys and promises will have to go on with out Her.

Cancer is such a non forgiving illness. The treatments to battle Cancer are just as painful and toxic as the disease itself. The burden that it put on everyone it touches ,directly and indirectly is hard to measure. It even drains those who are not connected,just being aware that it is close. If someone would ask me to describe cancer I have to say it is Sin, all-consuming all destructive Sin. If someone would ask me to describe Sin , I would guarantee I would say frickin Cancer. I hate Cancer, I hate Sin.

I so sorry that this young person has to suffer so. I have no answers as why someone has to suffer so, I have no answers for earthquakes and tsunamis , I don’t. My only course of action is to pray. Some day the answers will be brought forward ,till now I pray and I trust . Tonight I am praying for Wendy…….

Let us Pray

Merciful God, Loving God

Will you comfort Wendy and her parents

She has so much to offer the world , I trust you have reasons

Please don’t let Her suffer. and Please Heal Her

If it is Your will, be Merciful

embrace Her with Your Love, Let her feel Your presence

Don’t let Her feel alone, Fill Her with the Grace of the Holy Spirit

Her suffering reminds us of Jesus’s suffering , Let Her feel Jesus’s Glory, His devotion to Wendy, His mighty Love.

Wendy sleep in peace tonight, and rise with the Hope that all will be alright .

I ask this in the name of Jesus



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