I am so Blessed

I am so Blessed

I gave up on the idea of replacing my old computer, not being in the working world for a while, and depending on my wife and kids for help on getting my needs. However I have put my trust in God, and Jesus for sometime now, and I telling You right now , You need to do this as well. It not the fact that I wanted a new computer it was more the fact that I was afraid that I would be disconnected from this cyber world. My forum to communicate with others, on a controlled basis as it is very hard for this old man to watch little kids and talk on a phone. Watching your own children is one thing ,but watching someone else children is a different ballgame. So typing on the social network, blogging my thoughts and becoming informed is a very important part of my life. It is not the most important , God ,Family and Friends are of course more important .
I did not come out and pray for a new computer, I did pray that my needs as God sees it would be taken care of. In light of the terrible events in Japan and New Zealand asking for material things would be disrespectful to those in harms way. These events are a reminder, a warning that life is a fragile thing and we need to be prepared to Die at any moment .
No this is not about getting a new computer, it about being Blessed, being watched over and being loved. God Knows that I pouted those days my old computer let me down. My kids will attest to this. I know, I feel that this is a blessing, one that needs to be used for God’s Purpose.
I fully intend to use it for His Glory, for His purpose. If You think I am jumping up and down cause I think it Christmas, well maybe a little, but I am humbled that I am able to share this right now with You. I COULD HAVE NOT DONE THIS TODAY, IF IT WAS NOT GOD WHO BLESSED ME SO. I been close to having nothing and He always fills my needs, Let Him fill Yours too!!!

Let us Pray

Most Loving and Caring Father
You who not only give us Life and substance
You ,Whom sent Your Beloved Son so that we may find mercy
Thank You for Blessing us
At times we are unsure of Your Desire
and we Stray, but You always keep us in Your Heart
even when terrible things happen, You always Keep us
Let us not forget You when things go to well and are very comfortable
Let us always do as You will, for Your purpose not ours
Let us learn from Jesus, humility,passion, purity and faith
Let us learn to love others, and not forget others and our duty to them
I pray for those in need, I pray for those in disparage , and I pray for those who are in journey to Your Home, Show them mercy and Bless them.
You have blessed me so much, I Love You
My Glorious Father
In Jesus Name I pray

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