Why must we bring Death and Destruction to the innocent

Originally written Jan 23,2011

Today In Moscow, more innocent people were snatched out of their loved ones lives. A suspected suicide bombing took place in the Moscow International Airport ;Russia’s Domodedovo airporthttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-12268662 .

The world is restless to change economy and the ecology and the struggle between Religions. I always amazes me how those who use violence to push their agenda always have to include the innocent. The ones that are in the same boat as them. Some of the victims might even feel the same way as them, but to disrespect the life of innocent people is unforgivable. The people that perform these acts are stupid Don’t they realize it only builds a resolve and resistance to them. Instead of getting support they receive only curses. The world is not right, the world is and will always have Culture and Monetary Classes, leaving most to be the facilitator for a few . Violence only makes it more conducive to those few wishes.
I feel for the victims , they are Human ,they are God’s Children and this should not happen. A father of an Israeli Karate Champion, Arab,a Muslim summed it up best the other night. ” The Muslims,the Christians and the Jews are all the same ” and Like it or not He is right, We are God’s Assets and How dare we destroy His Assets
Let us Pray
O,God most Forgiving
show mercy on us and our lack of respect
protect us from those who would destroy what You have given
Comfort the victims of such inhuman crimes
Accept the souls of those who were taken
Open our hearts to our neighbors , to our fellow man
And show us wisdom , that we might quiet the restless in peace
In Jesus Name I ask


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