Our Bodies, Our Exile

Changing my grand-daughters diapers today got me thinking about how our bodies are really our exile . In the morning she had a little diaper rash, but after two unpleasant movements intense pain set in . I really don’t know how health care professionals handle kids some days. The screams for me to stop trying to clean her up , where heartbreaking ,unnerving and just plain Helplessness. No this is not the first time I changed a baby, matter of fact I had to change adults a few times in my life, as they near the end of their exile.

As we gone through life ,we come up with many ideas about Religion,even trying to interpret scripture to our liking . But one thing that seems to be a common, is that we are all spiritual beings. I think the Atheist even have trouble trying to deny that we more then just made of flesh and Blood.
I interpret that our spirit is exiled into the bodies we occupy. It is with-in this frame of flesh,and blood that we learn to suffer and accept. We decide if we want to honor our God, our we choose ourselves over God.
Watching my grand-daughter wrench from pain,reminds me of all the events in my life where I also was overcome by pain. The emotional pain and suffering that we endure on a daily basis is only bearable by the internal drive, the will to endure, the spirit . We can’t shut it off or end our exile unless by the taboo actions ,like suicide. So we are stuck here in our bodies until our sentence is up, in which our spirit will be free.
What happens to our spirit is up to God, Hopefully a return home to paradise
One of the reason I have felt this way about our exile is in one of the prayers I say daily, sometime more than once. Pray it with me and see how it fits your thought pattern
Let us pray
Hail Holy Queen
Mother of Mercy, our life ,our sweetness and our hope
To you do we cry poor banished children of Eve
To you do we send up our sights,mourning and weepings in this valley of tears
Turn then most gracious advocate Your eyes of mercy towards us,
show us the Blessed Fruit of Your Womb, Jesus
O Clement ,O Loving, O Sweet Virgin Mary
Pray for us ,O Holy Mother of God .
That we may be made worthy of the promise of Christ
prayer from my Catholic Prayer book and part of the Rosary

Originally written January 19,2011


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