Evil at God’s Altar

Originally written January 21, 2011

The parish I belong to has been associated with the Priest sexual scandals. From 1966 to 2000 these crimes were committed . I was a student at the Catholic school during the 1960s. I never recalled any of the folks I went to class with as having any problems, however one of my wife friends knows of one the victims. This is such a bloody nose to the Catholic Church and I sure it has given those ammo who would like to see the Church fall. I can not and will not condone the way the Diocese managed the scandal . This However does not shake my faith in the doctrine and belief in the Church.

I don’t think God ever promise to protect us from the evil by saying that ordained men cannot be evil. We must remember that the Church is a house of sinners, faith in God and Forgiveness is present. The Religious humans are stained like everyone else, and like everyone else will pay if not here then with God for their sins. I think lots of folks think that when a Catholic is forgiven in confession that all , NO we are given a penance to do, a vow to God to correct and steer clear of the sins. We have to pay for our sins and It is God that Judges and sentence us. The Priest who committed these mortal sins ,will pay and they will pay for each soul that is lost in faith because of their actions. The Diocese will pay monetarily to the legal system , this will come from the assets and finances the Diocese ,the people . It won’t come from the Priest because they are supposed to be living in poverty, or own nothing in their name. This might be not factual , it is an assumption based on what I think I was taught.
This hits home in many ways, mom and I have had many of discussions about her brother, and some events that took place to him back in the 1940 while he went to Catholic School. His Life seem to be on a roller coaster ride without end, right to his end. We will never know but that feeling is there that he too was a victim
As a Catholic I accept the policy and doctrines of the Church. Even those policies I do not understand. I assume it is God’s Will that these policies are in place. I can only Pray possibility that things will get better.
I will pray for the victims of these crimes that they will find peace and some normalcy , and understand that this is not their fault.
In today’s society , with the loose values and the media in which we are bombarded with sex constantly, I have to pray for those who take up the vows of Chasity and poverty. I do not know how they do it, for they must uphold the trust of God’s Children, if they fail much is lost.
I will pray that these terrible acts although irreversible ,that they will provide us with preventable measures to keep the evil off God’s Altar .
Let us Pray
Our Father , Loving and Merciful Lord
our hearts are stained with sin
we understand our clergy are sinners as well
please heal the hurt that the few fallen clergy has done
Let us defend Your Love and put down the Hate that evil creates
Cast Evil away from our Holy Ground
Bless the victims grant them peace , a life filled with Your Grace
Lessen their suffering, let other Know that Such Sins against You and them will not be tolerated
May the Church become wise and knowledgeable and capable of protecting us
We do not always understand Your will , but we will obey
For it is in You that we will find Love and peace.
I pray these through Jesus Christ ,Amen



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