The Children in man’s rage

Originally written Feb 5, 2011

I been watching the riots going on in Egypt with a concerned heart. Of course most of the news has been centered around how the press was mistreated, and how this might effect us Americans. I wish it wasn’t because that is not what the story should be about.

What would drive sane,educated people to the streets, to risk all for change. A change I sure they are unsure of. What would drive men into the streets while their children, their spouse , their elderly are waiting for their needs to be met. How many are hungry and frighten right now.
Why does the United States find ourselves in the middle off it, and become a target because of it. Should our motive here be to feed the poor and needy, clothe the naked . Take care of the Children, it disheartens me to here of talk of financing the military, for any outcome.
I worry most about the kids, as a child I remember the race riots of the sixties. My parents would have to drive through the poor sections of Wilmington to get home from Philadelphia. These sections were primary Black and it was a time when they were fighting for their civil rights. My parents would talk nervously as they would drive through those sections. I could here them chatter about the gun fires downtown had, and how the national guard had to be used to insure their safety . As a little kid, I had no clue what civil rights were, or even realize we were a nation divided at that time. Our neighborhoods were primary segregated so interacting with little black kids was rare. And when visiting my Grandparents in Chester, going outside was not often, cause of all the violence there. The thing is it form my opinion of fear and doubt and bigotry at that age, it took most of my adult life to shake it off . I fear for the children of Egypt, although my experience was a far cry from theirs , they are forming their opinions now, they know that it not safe for them, they are unsure , they are caught up in a storm of Chaos.
I will not take sides on who is right or wrong, I am a American and I live here. Egypt must solve this themselves, I wish America intention is to embrace the outcome.
Let us Pray
Almighty Father, Creator of All
Let us not forget that You have Created every human
Let us not forget to respect others, no matter what differences
Let greed, politics, bigotry and religion not be used to over run the good
Those caught in the middle, protect them from harm
Lord we ask that You watch the little children
Don’t let them suffer
Feed them, protect them
Don’t let their hearts harden
If we must have Chaos, let the outcome be for Your benefit
Evil is Evil, it wears no arm band.
expose the evil , and let the good of man shine through this experience
Forgive those who forgotten what they are here for.
I ask these things in Jesus Name



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