Prayer for those in Harm’s way

Original written Feb 1 2011

It seems that this old world is up to shaking and baking. Our Friends south of the equator having been dealing with floods, storms and earthquakes. Most of us seemed to be dealing with extreme cold and lots of Snow and Ice in the north. It you are reading this you are more and likely in a comfortable position, warm and safe at this time. I am sure that some time in your life , there was times when you felt insecure ,unsure and scared .

I worry about the poor, the children and the elderly, the ones that can’t do anything to secure their safety when trouble arrives. The children who don’t understand the brevity of the situation ,who pick up the fear from those around them, those who’s parents are unable to deal with the crises or ignore their own safety. I feel for the old, the ones that can’t help them selves ,those who are at the mercy of others for their safety for they know what going on but can’t help them selves. I worry about the poor, the homeless those who are left behind, uninformed and unaware of the pending crisis till it to late to escape. They are at the mercy of society who already shuns them. If you remember your fears you can bet theirs are compounded by the obstacles of poverty.
Let us Pray
Holy and Merciful Father
We accept that nature will at times challenge us
We accept that there is purpose in such times
We humble ask to comfort those in harm way
Protect and quiet the children
let them learn from their experience and put it to your purpose
strengthen their resolve to survive
Protect the Elderly
comfort them ,share the virtue of Patience with them
they know what is happening ,and even thought they know that their journey is near the end, they still have the desire to live
Protect the poor
protect them from the weathers raft . shelter them if possible
give them hope. let them not despair
if possible lift them out of their poverty, give them a reason to survive ,to want to live
Forgive those who will take advantage of such situations to advance their personal agendas
Many time I seen where good people have contribute their money, assets and even themselves ,only to be used by corrupt individuals .
See that their efforts are used properly and not placed in the hands of those who lost all honor.
In Jesus name I ask



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