Prayer for Friends

orignial written January 31, 2011

today when I logged into my facebook account there was a prayer request from a dear friend of mine. She is concern for a friend who happen to be stuck in the Chaos in Egypt. I am concerned for All Americans over in the Middle East and Northern Africa , we are always living in a time of unrest, the fall of Egypt will have serious ramifications for American and Christian relationships .

this time of year is also very hard on folks , our utilities bills are higher,our debt is usually higher because of the Holidays, and our cash flow is hampered by the winter season blitz. Our emotional attitude is tested as well dealing with the extra burdons and lack of light. We become more recluse in our houses because of the discomfort of the weather. I notice a few friends missing in my cyber life and lost a friend who passed away home here.
Normally I the prayers on this site are from within me, and inspired by my inner feeling at the time of my posting. This prayer I am posting now is taken from my Catholic Prayer Missal and find it to say what I wanted to say
Let us Pray
Prayer for Friends
Lord ,Jesus Christ, while on earth You had close and devoted friends, such as John, Lazarus, Martha , and Mary. You showed in this way that friendship is one of life’s greatest blessings. Thank You for the friends that You have given me to love me in spite of my failures and weaknesses, and to enrich my life after. Your example, Let me ever behave toward Your friends. Bind us close together in You and enable us to help one another on our earthly Journey ……. Catholic Book of Prayers. edit Rev. Maurus Fitzgerald,O.F.M.



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