Prayer for the unborn life, threaten by mistake

A P press release today : – Wed Feb 9, 3:23 pm ET

FORT LUPTON, Colo. – A pregnant Colorado woman mistakenly given an abortion drug by a pharmacist faces an excruciating wait to find out the fate of her unborn child.

A pharmacist at a Safeway supermarket in Fort Lupton gave ********** the drug methotrexate last week. The drug, intended for another woman, is used in chemotherapy and to terminate early-stage pregnancies.

*****, who is six weeks pregnant, told KMGH-TV in Denver that she took a pill and checked the bottle after becoming sick. She was rushed to the hospital.

I blanked out the woman’s name for her privacy. How unfortunate that such a mistake was made. How much suffering that child is going through, the emotional pain the mother is going through. I feel sorrow for these people. I also feel sorry for the pharmacist who made the mistake. I can only hope that the child survives, the mothers dreams are fulfilled. It is a shame that such drugs are needed , I wish cancer did not exist. I can not endorse abortion, any method of abortion. As a man it is easy to say,but I can’t help to think what I would do with out my children if my spouse had decided to abort any one of them.

This unborn child need our prayers. the Child needs the grace of God

Let us Pray

Almighty and Merciful Father

An unborn Child is in need

Protect this Child, let the Child not suffer

Bless the Child and use the Child for Your Will

Let us learn from this error, Let us understand the truth

The World needs to know the Sanctity of the Fetus

Comfort the mother, let her know peace and let her not become bitter

Have mercy on the person who made this horrible mistake. forgive them

Bless this Child, let it be born and find Your Glory

In Jesus Name I ask




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