The Virtue of Patience

The fourth Sorrowful Mystery :

Churches ,Reading Pa.

the Virtue of Patience

The Carrying of the Cross

Jesus,You willing carried Your Cross for love of Your Father and all people: Grant me the Virtue of Patience . ( as written in my Prayer Book)

Today I had to get some Lab work done for my upcoming visit to my doctor. I awaken early and left the house before six in the morning to beat the crowd at the lab. I arrived to find about twenty folks on the sign up sheet before me. I knew it would be a wait, I miss the old days when the doctor office would take your blood samples right at the appointment. The new and improved way we do things are really allot to be desired,but that a different topic, and a contentious discussion as well.

When I was Younger , I would have been sucking wind, and grumbling under my breath. But now that I’m more mature I just fidget in my seat ,and try to take a nap or say the Rosary. About forty-five minutes after I arrived my name was called and I report to the first station of the ordeal. A five-minute interview, or processing if you prefer to be related to cattle, had to be completed. Then I was sent to another station where my blood would finally be removed.

I not a fan of being sticked with those blood sucking syringes ,but being a diabetic being stuck or probed is a daily event, and you kind get numb to it. I use to build up an anxiety because my veins have collapsed and they usually have to dig in there to find them. This would leave my arm very bruised, I actually thought about getting a tattoo in that area,but then they have to move to another area.

My technician arrived, She has been employed for this Lab for as long as I been going there,which has been about fifteen years. My usual approach is to greet her with a joyful remark, trying to cheer Her up before she goes to work . I suggested that they place a sign in the room stating ” Be kind to the one who is going to stick you”. She remand quite after that statement for a moment, then responded “Not Here, to many grumpy people” . I continued to cheer her up, making complements, agree with her about dealing with the general public,how cruel they could be. I figured an early patient probably complained about the wait. My opinion is that she is a victim of a broke , over-managed  health care system as I am.

I could not see the benefit in ruining her day because I did not feel like waiting. Beside it is my fault, more than likely that I am a diabetic, and it is my cross to carry. And I need to be thankful for technicians like her ,who can do what necessary to help me control my disease.

As a short order cook, I use to be amazed how people would act because they needed to wait for the food to be processed. You do not want to mess with the person who cooks for you,they have your health in their hands. And you should not mess with the person who is about to stick you, they just might go deeper than they need to.


Let us Pray

Wonderful and merciful Father, Through your Son,Jesus we have learned that sometimes we must be patient, and tolerant of others, even when it seem hard to do. Even when our nature is to complain and be aggressive to appease our needs. Help us attain the Virtue of Patience .May we learn to bring hope and Joy to others with a new attitude of patience . In Jesus  Name I ask, Amen



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