Taxing our Churches

Today after walking I had went into my den, and on TV the news reporters were talking about Mission, Kansas taxing the Churches. This would be a fee for each pew or the amount of seating space in the Church . It is a Tax, you can call it a fee, but either way they are getting money from the Church to function. What Happens to the Church if it defaults on the fees, is the property auction off for the fees( Taxes) . Are the Pastors put in Jail

We better be careful. This is exactly what happen in Russia during the Communist revolution, in order close down Religion. The government could control the people. They started by Taxing the Church. The Church would default on the tax and the property was either sold or become part of the State. The Priest were put in Prison because of Tax Liens. The government deemed it Legal, and binding thus able to use the collection of Taxes to Kill Religion.
Fortunately Communism Failed, and the persecution ceased and God has revitalize the Mother Church in Russia. The world must understand God is all powerful and will always prevail.
Let us Pray

Lord, Father of all Creation
Have mercy of us
let Our Country not loose Your Grace
Guide our Government officials
forgive those who disrespect You
forgive those who has a agenda to take our freedom away
let us not Forget that this Country was built
with You, our guide.
let us not forget that this part of the world was founded and settled
in part because of Religious Persecution in other lands
Let us not turn our back on You, especially for a few coins
In Jesus Name , I ask these things

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