Moral Courage

The Crowning with Thorns

Jesus, You patiently endured the pain from the Crown of Thorns that was forced upon Your Head; grant me the strength to have Moral Courage….. taken from my daily prayer book, the third mystery of the Sorrowful Mysteries.
Can you imagine having some people forcing a crown of anything on you head. Would your curse ,would you shove back and fight. Would you wish them dead. I can’t imagine having the strength to hold back. I have had problems trying not to flip the bird at someone when the cut in front of me in traffic. How Many times have I cursed someone because they did not give me my way, my just opinionated dues. I certainly have wish folks dead in my past because of what I judge as an offense to me. It is hard to take it on the cheek and turn the other, it just seems so unnatural. Then most things that get us into trouble seem to feel natural. Sin is Natural, it is God wish for us to be SUPERNATURAL ,above sin.
Let us Pray
God Almighty
Thanks for Your Love
We accept that it hard to be Morally courageous
May we have the strength,the capacity for true Love
to act in a manner that pleases You,my Lord
help us to be Supernatural, Your servant in the Army against sin
In Jesus Name
I ask


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