Miracle Of my day !!!

It was a wonderful day outside today so with no kids , I figured it be a good day to clean out the shed. The shed is over-packed with all the things that we use outside in the spring ,summer and fall. Well as I was reaching up to pull something from the loft of my shed,a stick used as a Halloween lawn ornament come out of nowhere and stuck me in my good eye. Even though I wear glasses it manage to poke me on the corner of my eye. As I post this my eye is still throbbing , of course I freaked out. It is a miracle that it did not do immediate damage.

My left eye has been worthless since birth, I was told it was incubator burns, but my new eye doctor does not concur and assumes it is a lazy eye, either way even with coke bottle lens it functional capabilities are somewhat dubious. My right eye, the poked eye , does all the work. Being such a Visual human it works it balls off.

I know what it is like to be blind, when I was in my  early forties, I had a mild stroke. While driving to work on Sunday morning, my center vision just disappeared, all of a sudden while driving my car everything in front of me disappeared, I could see what was happening from the side of my eye but anything that was directly in front disappeared in a big blurry line. It was like doing a painting then cutting out the center of the painting and then sliding the two ends together and doing a lousy job of taping it together.  I manage to get to work where I had my father drive me to the hospital for find out that I was having a stroke.

I got a kick out of the hospital ,asking me to sign forms. I would ask to place my hand to where my signature was needed. Then they wanted me to sign a release that I would not drive a car from the property when they released me. Yes I was scared and laid there on the gurney asking God what is next. At this time my faith was non-existent . I even would take it to the level as to curse those who did believe . So Home I went

After about three days of sitting in a chair, with bills and still responsibility to others, I pulled up my pants and found a way to work. While blind , I offered half my pay to have a fellow that use to work with us to drive me around from stop to stop. At this time I was in charger of two cafeterias , a store and stocking and filling of about 30 vending machines. This is what was left of Dad’s business after selling and losing what was a large vending a food service. I moved his business physically by my self from our shop of thirty years to a little deli around the street. I don’t have to tell you that overtime was always. that is not paid overtime either. So if I seem callous to those who strike because of loss benefits and job security, please forgive me . The only thing I know is that when your down everybody and every agency is inflicting pain. I even was denied unemployment insurance when the company finally collapsed . Did not matter that I worked for forty Years , hard forty years. It was a family business and those in charge of the agency was not going to show mercy ,even to the point of being vulgar . So what does this have to be with miracle of the day?

No the miracle of the day is that my eye is working , I can see out of it ,even thought it throbbing it still working  and that is a miracle. You see even something as little or probable benign as a stick poking one in the eye,should be looked at a blessing. The Crosses we must carry here on earth, can only be considered a badge of faith, a badge of merit in heaven , a chance to understand Christ suffering, even though it does not even come close to His suffering on the Cross.

Let us Pray

Holy and Merciful Father. You Whom has given us Life, You who Loves us, You who gives us the chance to understand the suffering of Your Son. We Praise You and Love You, We thank You. Let us not brood over injury but let us suffer here that we may enter Heaven and live in Your Glory for ever. In Jesus Name, I ask ; Amen

My shed window

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