Warm Coastal Breeze Dreams, one

Warm Coastal Breeze Dreams,one

I trying to pump up my inner heat, cause it too cold for this Delaware Boy.

I was day-dreaming about my experiences at the Shore, My fishing trips, the various beaches I explored. The Dynasty of little fish I trained to tread water.
My father in law, a friend’s son and myself had fallen sound asleep in a rental boat while drift fishing in the Delaware bay. The rental boat was about fourteen feet with a little Johnson outboard motor. There was not much room in the boat and it smelled of fish and squid, but it was perfect. It was a hot day, always a haze over the water in the summer,so cooking one skin is easy and goes unnoticed till it hurts. The breezes that come off the water is relaxing. I often wonder if at death we are as at peace as when I was in this rocking boat off shore. It just took my will to fight right out of me.
We had been drift fishing that day, the current off the Missipillion river is strong when the tides change ,but as gentle as a baby breath when in mid-tide. The fish really were not biting our bottom rigs. So finally by the noon sun our strength was in ebbs flow like the water we were floating on. An hour went by before we realized we had fallen asleep adrift. If it had been at the during the peak tide change, I think we would have been in deep trouble ,but our Guardian Angels had this under control.
I do miss the warm salt water breezes . I hope my father-in law has a seat saved for me when I get to that fishing grounds in paradise



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