The First Saturday of the Month

The First Saturday of the Month

Today has been a rainy day, actually an improvement in the weather. I been alone most of the day,to do what I want with out kids. So it been kind of a quiet day, a cherished day.

Now this is the first Saturday of the Month, so I usually spend a few hours in admiration to the Blessed Mother. I say the Rosary, then dwell on the twenty mysteries of the Rosary. Afterwards I say the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary and try to catch the Mass on TV and take a spiritual communion. I wish the Church was in walking distance, it is not and I am lucky it is open with all the problems our parish has had lately.
Now most folks don’t understand the devotion of the Blessed Mary, but most do understand prayer. I always feel better inside and physically as well after I devote myself to Mary. That tightness in my chess leaves and a feeling of good will comes over me. As a Catholic we do not Worship,Mary. Only God, the Holy Trinity is worshipped, but to pray and ask for petition through Mary is most desirable by the Church.
I enjoy these kinds of days, watching babies, toddlers I have found to be both rewarding but also exhausting. I can’t help think that this is God Favor to me, a chance to realize what life is. A chance to learn to love, and leave my earlier bitterness behind me.
I thank God , everyday. Everyday I get a chance to correct my wrongs and learn what is true, and act as He wants me too!



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