Are we building the tower of Babel again?

Are we building the Tower of Babel again?

Reading an article in Time magazine, February 21 issue ,I found myself pondering the future of my Children. The Article was called Singularity ,2045 ; predictions from the top scientist, computer engineers . They defined Singularity as a noun: the moment when technological change becomes so rapid and profound , It represents a rupture in the fabric of human history. Or as the cover of the Magazine proclaims 2045 the year man becomes immortal. I find this a bit disturbing ,certainly threatening to my religious convictions. It was in Genesis Chapter 11, when man started to think he should compete with God, find God as unnecessary . God decided to correct this act of brazing disrespect by casting them around the earth and disrupting man ability to communicate by scrambling Language. Is our technological breakthroughs heading us to the modern day Tower of Babel. I have some random thoughts about this article I like to share. 

  • I not sure our technology has not really dumb us down. I remember when people could add and subtract with a pencil and paper. Now days they will shut down a store when the cash registers become unusable . I know it effects the ability to use the data bases in the computer to keep accountability, but how many tellers now days can add and subtract, let alone count change back without a screen to tell them
  • Many of today’s kids do not have the ability of writing, even printing by the time they graduate,everything is done on a keyboard
  • Decisions by business are no longer made by faith,common sense and speculation and more based on black and white facts. the ability to fail more than once in a entrepreneur spirit is very difficult now days, unless one is very dishonest
  • It seems that government and business has become stupidly clever by tying up decision makers with unreasonable amount of information and hidden agenda in their communications. Have you seen the size of those books based on Bills to be passed by the legislation,so the letter of the law is really a telephone book.
  • Why would we want to be immortal here ,in these bodies. One biologist sees that Aging will be something that can be repaired. In the wake of all the calamities that has happen in Australia and New Zealand are they going to be able to prevent accidental death as well.
  • If Accidental death is not fixable why in the hell would one want to live when all those they loved has died,no thanks
  • To be immortal here on earth, what are we going to do about the babies that are made, when there is not enough room for them, sounds pretty selfish and self centered to not make room for new blood
  • Are we going to eliminate personal relations or abort everything that would come of such acts
  • What happens when we let technology take control, I not sure we are not already slaves to our technology
  • If the technology fails along the way, will we become cave men all over again,because we lost our survivor skills
  • Progress has already been hampered by greed and self serving agenda,case point the time it takes to get anything rebuilt today It takes years to repair a little bridge over a creek around here.
  • I am sure You can add to this list,but if you get a chance read that article

I pray God will be merciful , our cleverness and lack of respect , our willingness to distance ourselves from Him sooner or later will be brought to task, May the innocent be protected

Let us Pray
O, Merciful and Immortal One
You created us, knowing that we would Stray
Yet You Love us, You permit us to grow
Forgive us God for our arrogance
Let us use technology for Your Glory
not our quest to be immortal as living compromised humans
Thank You for all the Graces and Blessing You have given to us
Thank You for our knowledge and free will
let us not fail and dishonor You with these gifts
In Jesus Name I pray

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